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Becoming a member of Try New Perfumes gives you the chance to give your Opinion on various topics and to receive the latest trend of perfumes & cosmetics right at your door!

It is entirely free and only requires a bit of your free time!

Receive products from the Shop

Members of Try New Perfumes will regularly be invited to answer surveys in order to earn points. These points can then be used freely in the shop.
Surveys are for Market Research purposes only (and your details will never be shared with 3rd parties).

By completing the profile questionnaires, you make sure that you only receive relevant surveys. All answers are totally anonymous.

The process is very simple :
 - The more you take part in surveys, the more points you earn.
 - The longer the surveys, the more points for you.
 - The more points you have, the more products you can order from the shop.

In a nutshell

free and easy!
It is essential that you ensure that your address is spelled correctly so that we can make sure your orders from the shop reach you!
Earn points
by completing the surveys available in your account
Make sure you complete all the profiling questions in order for you to get access to as many surveys as possible!
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for perfumes in the boutique
Your order will be sent to the address you entered when registering