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List of Winners

Date Name Age City Countrie Reward
31-01-2020Marion C.33 Years oldAngersFranceAdidas - Team Force
21-01-2020Melida G.21 Years oldLIMOGESFranceOmerta - Oh My God !
19-01-2020Stéphane M.44 Years oldLevallois PerretFranceOmerta - Meet Me On The Wild Side
17-01-2020Maria P.25 Years oldMessinaItalyExalis - Naora
17-01-2020Ilaria C.39 Years oldTorinoItalyExalis - Naora
17-01-2020Egidio G.44 Years oldRomaItalyExalis - Naora
16-01-2020Carla G.40 Years oldLancianoItalyExalis - Naora
16-01-2020Stefania A.37 Years oldAcquaviva delle fontiItalyExalis - Naora
13-01-2020Nicole W.52 Years oldSolana Beach United StatesExalis - Naora
12-01-2020Mary M.31 Years oldBirminghamUnited KingdomExalis - Naora
12-01-2020Dina F.42 Years oldMoscow Russian FederationExalis - Naora
20-12-2019Alena N.26 Years oldLondonUnited KingdomStreet Looks - La Création
18-12-2019Violaine .47 Years oldSaintesFranceExalis - Naora
16-12-2019Oriana M.24 Years oldHarfleurFranceExalis - Naora
06-12-2019Joseph D.57 Years oldVanceboroUnited StatesExalis - Naora