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List of Winners

Date Name Age City Countrie Reward
01-05-2018Ali F.24 Years oldKhamis Al Khashna AlgeriaExalis - Naora
22-04-2018Ashley R.38 Years oldMurfreesboro, TennesseeUnited StatesExalis - Naora
16-04-2018Sylvie C.48 Years oldMargny-les-compiegneFranceExalis - Naora
09-04-2018R. M.35 Years oldGlen allenUnited StatesExalis - Naora
29-03-2018Rosemarie D.65 Years oldSt. PetersburgUnited StatesExalis - Naora
28-03-2018Samantha H.44 Years oldSalisburyUnited KingdomExalis - Naora
20-03-2018Sameena F.32 Years oldChicagoUnited StatesExalis - Naora
13-03-2018Dorothy B.65 Years oldWest Palm BeachUnited StatesExalis - Naora
02-03-2018Ashley R.38 Years oldMurfreesboro, TennesseeUnited StatesExalis - Naora
28-02-2018Christine B.59 Years oldNeuvic sur l isleFranceExalis - Naora
26-02-2018Brunella R.57 Years oldPomigliano d'arcoItalyExalis - Naora
25-02-2018Donatella C.37 Years oldVernole ItalyExalis - Naora
25-02-2018Simonetta T.50 Years oldNapoliItalyExalis - Naora
09-01-2018Régis S.34 Years oldVersaillesFranceLinn Young - Pure Luck
20-06-2017Alessandro C.35 Years oldStazzanoItalyExalis - Naora