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List of Winners

Date Name Age City Countrie Reward
19-11-2019Boutayna S.19 Years oldToulouseFranceStreet Looks - La Création
07-11-2019Tonja H.44 Years oldSallisawUnited StatesExalis - Naora
04-11-2019Mirian N.40 Years oldMadridSpainExalis - Naora
01-11-2019Claudine C.57 Years oldParadouFranceAxe - Gold Temptation
01-11-2019Laura L.24 Years oldAtlantaUnited StatesExalis - Naora
01-11-2019Nerea A.37 Years oldBarakaldoSpainExalis - Naora
21-10-2019Patrycja J.29 Years oldSpaldingUnited KingdomElizabeth Arden - Sunflowers
08-10-2019Ashley S.19 Years oldCambridgeUnited KingdomExalis - Naora
02-10-2019Oly C.34 Years oldHorleyUnited KingdomOmerta - Oh My God !
02-10-2019Moran J.62 Years oldManchesterUnited KingdomElizabeth Arden - Sunflowers
02-10-2019Sadia Suhail K.28 Years oldLondonUnited KingdomExalis - Naora
02-10-2019Audrey M.29 Years oldHERBLAYFranceOmerta - Oh My God !
30-09-2019Navraj N.22 Years oldWest BromwichUnited KingdomExalis - Naora
22-09-2019June B.46 Years oldEssexUnited KingdomExalis - Naora
17-09-2019Georgeta L.31 Years oldColchesterUnited KingdomOmerta - Oh My God !